Biblearc is a unique suite of study tools
to help you go deeper in God's Word.
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Study Methods
This is the heart of Biblearc— graphical Bible study methods that help you to dig deeper.
Features: sharing via classes and groups, auto-save, undo, print, history, more...
Arcing helps you to discern, display and discuss the flow of thought in the biblical text.
Diagramming focuses you on the grammar of the text and makes you account for each word.
Text Editors
Use our Notes module in order to capture your thoughts as you ponder the text. Write your sermon notes here and keep them together with your study of the sermon text.
Scripture references are auto-detected to give you one-click access to the passage.
Future additions
We hope to add other editor modules in the future such as an outliner or a translator tool.
Study from the original Greek and Hebrew texts or from a selection of the most literal traslations.
A powerful yet simple search tool with expandable search results and customizable display.
Gather and rearrange passages relevant to your study. Easily change their references or texts.
Fully-integrated parsings and study resources available at a click.
Featuring BDB Hebrew and English Lexicon for the OT and Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon with parsings for the NT.
New to arcing? Use our video-based learning modules for hands-on instruction.
Currently available: Arcing 101, Arcing Reference and Arcing Examples.
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