1 Corinthians 3
by Christian Giesbrecht
How a right view of God, your neighbor, and yourself may lead you to live a God-honoring and intelligent life.
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James 1:26-27
by JamesJacksonTaylor
How to pursue God the worthless way: live in deception
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Matthew 24:22-28
by Adnan
Protection against false witnesses is the true witness of Jesus: "Behold, I have told you in advance."
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James 1:26-27
by Ian6691
Religion that is pure: Examine your ways and be free from deception
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James 1:26-27
by John Mark Steel
Our self-applied labels--"authentic," "gospel-centered," "mature"-- may be worthless self-deception without the fruit of mercy and holiness.
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James 1:26-27
by greenpi
The use of the Tongue or Time, Talent & Treasure train our hearts in either deception or true devotion.
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Colossians 2:6-15
by Tom Steller
Knowing the exalted Christ is the antidote to deception.
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