Philippians 3:12-4:1
by Daniel Morris
Paul presses on by asking the Philippians to join him in his intense, joyous struggle!
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Colossians 1:15-18
by ClintonManley
Christ is the King, Coherence, and Culmination of all.
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1 Kings 14:1-18
by Brent Karding
To apply this text, think through the Concessive, the Negative, and the Ground (v. 7-9), asking where those things are true of you.
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Galatians 1:11-17
by Daniel Morris
Taking a stand
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Matthew 19:3-9
by Hugh
Marriage is a one-flesh union; breaking this union causes adultery.
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John 19:1-16
by Sujay Thomas
Do we reject the King, despite seeing him for who he is?
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Galatians 1:10
by Jonathan Gehman
If you are seeking the approval of men, then you are not a servant of Christ.
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Mark 1:1-8
by Simon Patterson
Prepare for the coming king by NOT tidying up
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Psalms 47
by Tim Minge
Praise God through fear (1-4), song (5-7), and submission (8-9).
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Haggai 1:6-14
by jmquirk51
Are you giving the King the respect He deserves?
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1 John 1:5-7
by Victor2278
True Children of God reflect Him in His nature - by walking in light.
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Psalms 100
by Gina Habig
Because of who He is!
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by Benjamin Holvey
The word of the kingdom has invaded the world like a seed, and those who hear it must heed it before the sowing turns to reaping.
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Matthew 27:27-31
by Christian Giesbrecht
Jesus, King-everlasting, shamed, mocked and tortured by His creatures, to restore a relationship with them.
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Psalms 93
by Christian Giesbrecht
The Lord is Holy. Majestic, mighty, and faithful King who always was is and forever will be. He is the everlasting King!
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James 1:26-27
by Nathan Hrouda
Thinking of yourself as 'religious' is great, but there is something more that God is after.
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Marcos 1:1-13
by Marcus V. Freitas
Como temos apresentado a Boa Nova do Rei aos outros? How have we shared the Good News of the King with others?
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1 Peter 4:13
by Jeannie Koh
LAB156 A Tale of Two Joys
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James 1:1-27
by motorev63
Making a macro arc was a trial!
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Hebrews 4:14-5:10
by Andy Hubert
The one who brings us to the throne of God's grace himself sits on the same throne.
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