Isaiah 55:1-5
by Oscar Marti
Isaiah preaches gospel truth of soul-satisfaction in God to Israel first, and then to the nations!
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Matthew 24:4-14
by Adnan
Want to see Jesus come back? See that the Gospel is preached to all nations!
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Romans 1:1-7
by Stephen.Choy
How do we stay motivated to share the gospel to the nations? We see the immensity of the grace that we first received.
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Romans 1:8-15
by Stephen.Choy
We need to praise God for the faithfulness of gospel-centred missions, but the task is not complete. Does God call me to go? Faithful steps.
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3 John 5-8
by Benjamin Holvey
When we send and support missionaries in a manner worthy of God, we become coworkers with God.
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