Psalm 49
by Tim Minge
This life isn't all there is; and it's not even the best part. Trust in God who alone can ransom a soul from death.
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Philippians 4:10-14
by Adnan
Faith in God results in contentment.
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Matthew 19:23-29
by Adnan
"We have left everything and followed you." - Peter
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Matthew 6:19-24
by Adnan
Let my eyes be singly focused on You Lord and not on the mammon of this world.
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James 5:1-6
by Rob Elphick
Beware of placing your confidence in wealth. Beware of abusing others in pursuing wealth. If you're in this boat, weep.
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Matthew 19:23-30
by Christian Giesbrecht
Wealth cannot save you, Christ can. Forsake the dream that riches will fulfill you and follow Christ who is the all-surpassing reward.
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