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Romans 12:9-13
Romans 12:9-13
Love Without Hypocrisy
Published August 17th, 2018; Updated August 17th, 2018
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Main point summary
Main point summary
By the grace given to us in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are to love each other without hypocrisy by being pure in heart, other centered, by serving together with urgency and diligence, by joyfully helping each other through trials pointing to hope in God, by abiding in Christ, by meeting each other’s physical needs, and by opening up our homes and lives to one another!
Romans 12:9-13
Let a love be without hypocrisy.
Love truly! Do not fake it! Love from a pure heart! Pure love happens by:
b Abhor what is evil;
Sin and evil make you sick. You do not play around or tolerate sin in your own life. You do not allow evil to entertain you. You see evil for what it is, rebellion and spurning of God!
cling to what is good.
Instead, we are to cherish and desire and seek after what God says is good, holy, pure, edifying
Be a devoted to one another in brotherly love;
We are to be committed to each other’s joy in God! We are to be covenanted to one another in grace based love. We are consistently and chronically FOR each other!
1 give preference to one another b in honor;
We desire the other person’s good and think more highly of you than me. We honor each other with our words and lives. We defer and yield to the other person in love.
not lagging behind in diligence,
We serve with fervency, not apathy, not half-hearted, not with the leftovers of our time and money and talent, but with the best of it all!
a fervent in spirit,
As we serve the Lord, we do it with fire and energy and holy ambition, pushing and working with the strength that God provides!
b serving the Lord;
a rejoicing in hope,
We help each other rejoice, no matter the circumstance, because our future is secure and glorious in Christ!
b persevering in tribulation,
We persevere through suffering, knowing that God is designing it for our good, and we have eternal hope that these trials are not worthy to be compared with the glory we have coming!!!
c devoted to prayer,
We do not let prayer slip! We guard our time with the Lord with all our might because prayer is how we abide in Christ, and apart from Him we can do NOTHING!!!
a contributing to the needs of the 1 saints,
We meet each other’s physical needs with our money, skills, resources. We share! We give! We put energy and creativity into how we can best meet each other’s needs!
2 b practicing hospitality.
We open up our homes and lives to one another, sharing meals and spare bedrooms and conversation and life!
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