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Sinner rescued by God, husband, father, and pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Beaumont, TX.
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Romans 8:33-36
Romans 8:33-36
The Courtroom of God
Published August 12th, 2020
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Main point summary
Main point summary
Because Jesus, my defense attorney, died and rose and pleads His blood and righteousness over me before His Father the judge, there is therefor now NO CONDEMNATION for me because the Judge has declared me righteous! And, I cannot be separated from Jesus because His intercession sustains me through ALL THINGS and makes me MORE THAN A CONQUERER THROUGH THE SUFFERING!!!
Romans 8:33-39
Who will bring a charge against a God’s elect? [NO ONE!!!]
Who can possibly bring a charge against God's elect? NO ONE!!!
b God is the one who justifies;
Because the judge of the universe has declared/sentenced you righteous!
who is the one who a condemns? [NO ONE!!!]
Therefore, who can possibly declare you guilty? NO ONE!!!
Christ Jesus is He who b died,
The defense attorney died for you!
yes, rather who was 1 c raised,
THEN He rose again
who is d at the right hand of God,
THEN He went into the presence of YHWY!
who also e intercedes for us.
AND NOW He pleads our case and prays for us to our Father!
Who will separate us from a the love of 1 Christ? [NO ONE!!!]
Who can possibly separate us from Jesus' love for us? NO ONE!!!
Will b tribulation, [NO!!!] or distress, [NO!!!] or c persecution, [NO!!!] or c famine, [NO!!!] or c nakedness, [NO!!!] or c peril, [NO!!!] or sword? [NO!!!]
No trial or tribulation, no dire situation, no persecution, no starvation from poverty, no nakedness from poverty, no immanent danger, not even death by the sword can separate us from the love of Christ!
Just as it is written, “ a For Your sake we are being put to death all day long ; We were considered as sheep to be slaughtered .”
We are being treated JUST LIKE your people in Psalm 44.
But in all these things we overwhelmingly a conquer
BUT, contrary to the way it might look to natural eyes, IN ALL THESE SUFFERINGS, we OVERWHELMINGLY CONQUER because God is sustaining our faith through them and working them ALL for our eternal good!
through b Him who loved us.
THROUGH Jesus who reconciled us to God so that!!!!
For I am convinced that neither a death,
I am convinced that not even death,
nor life,
nor going on living,
nor b angels,
nor angels,
nor principalities,
nor earthly rulers,
nor a things present,
nor current suffering,
nor things to come,
nor any future suffering,
nor powers,
nor demonic or earthly powers,
nor height,
nor physical distance to the heights,
nor depth,
nor physical distance to the depths,
nor any other created thing,
nor any created being or animal,
will be able to separate us from a the love of God,
can separate me from the love of YHWY!!!
which is b in Christ Jesus our Lord.
and this love is located in ONE PLACE, IN CHRIST where my soul has been baptized like Noah into the Ark!!!
Jesus died for me and pleads my case to the Father who is the judge!
Therefor, NOTHING can separate me from Christ's love for me. In fact, through Jesus, the sufferings I face, God works for my good such that I overwhelmingly conquer!!
God the judge had declared me righteous, so no one can bring a charge against me or condemn me!!!
The judge, who is God Himself, has declared us innocent by grace through faith! The defense attorney, which happens to be the beloved SON of the Judge, pleads our case before the Judge! The defense attorney already died for our charges and paid for our crimes and has released us from all charges! The defense attorney LOVES us as His beloved bride!!! The JUDGE loves us enough to send His beloved Son, the defense attorney, to die for us!!! So when trials and suffering and death come, KNOW that they are not punishment from God {IF WE ARE IN CHRIST BY FAITH}. GOD IS SOOOOOOOOO FOR US!!! He is working all things, up to and including our death, for our good!!! It is all on the path toward ETERNAL GLORIFICATION!!!! IN the suffering, THROUGH the suffering, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS!!!
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