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Jesus identified as Christ by the works He did
John 10:22-42
Is the Lord Jesus Your personal Shepherd?
John 10:1-21
If Jesus had disregarded your traditions and good works, would you still have trusted and followed Him?
John 9:35-41
Formerly blind man silenced and kicked out of the community for testifying truthfully about Jesus Christ.
John 9:13-34
Jesus Christ gave sight to a blind man. And as back then, so He is today the eternal light in spiritual darkness for those looking to Him.
John 9:1-12
Jesus makes His eternal nature openly known with the "I AM" statement. No beginning and no end. Eternal God in human form.
John 8:48-59
Jesus Christ and God are One. You can't coherently believe God without Jesus and Jesus without God.
John 8:39-47
Are you burdened by mistakes and failures? Jesus can set you free!
John 8:31-38
Are you spiritually lost in darkness? Jesus is the light of the world and the giver of the light of life.
John 8:12-30
Jesus Loves Sinners. See how He loved and forgave an Adulterer.
John 8:1-11
See a contrast of good and bad leadership
John 7:45-53
Have you heard about water that consists of more than two hydrogens and one oxygen atom?
John 7:37-44
Jesus Christ ascended back to God the Father after His incarnation, death, and resurrection, 2000 years ago.
John 7:32-36
Are the sources for your worldview and beliefs reliable, consistent, and overall true?
John 7:27-31
At a scale of 0 to 1, how are your moral judgment skills?
John 7:20-26
If you knew there is a place where people want to kill you, would there be something that could make you go there anyway?
John 7:14-20
Seek and find Jesus Christ for the right reasons
John 7:10-13
The Lord wants His people to judge righteously and live for eternity
John 7:1-9
Do you believe in Jesus? How come you do or don't?
John 6:60-71
Find your eternal need and satisfaction met in Jesus Christ. Believe Him.
John 6:25-59
Jesus went through the storm of death for you
John 6:16-24
Jesus displays His Compassion, Sufficiency, Thriftiness, and Patience in the story of the feeding of the five thousand
John 6:1-15
How do you know who to trust?
John 5:31-47
Who is Jesus Christ personally to you?
John 5:16-30
Struggling with verses in the Bible? Look at the big picture to keep clarity. Are you suffering? Jesus identified, knows, and understands.
John 5:1-15
Do you know God? - Or is a wrong understanding of Him keeping you at distance?
John 4:43-54
How a right view of God, your neighbor, and yourself may lead you to live a God-honoring and intelligent life.
1 Corinthians 3
How envy and humility may change your life
John 3:22-36
Jesus proved His love for God the Father and true worshippers by standing up for them against powerful rulers who increasingly hated Him.
John 2:12-25
The source of joy that surpasses everything else in my life.
Romans 5
Why are there seasons of lack of joy and happiness?
John 2:1-11
What determines who you follow on social media? - Do you know Jesus? Have you decided to follow Him first and foremost?
John 1:35-51
Do you remember a time when you were honored with a good testimony? Read here about John's unique testimony of Jesus.
John 1:29-34
Who is John the Baptist? But more importantly: "Who are you?" and "Who is Jesus Christ?"
John 1:19-28
The Lord is supreme over all! Hallelujah!
Psalms 113
Who is Jesus Christ? Find deep treasures about Him in the God-inspired writings of Apostel John.
John 1:1-18
Do you note and avoid false teachers? Are you part of a team that works for the furtherance of the Good News of Christ? Yes? - Praise God!
Romans 16:17-27
What did Paul appreciate most in others?
Romans 16:1-16
What to do when desire and calling are not matching? See how Paul did it.
Romans 15:22-31
God fulfilled His promise of the Good News for the Gentiles in Paul's life. Which promises does God fulfill in your life?
Romans 15:14-21
Do you have trouble with a weakness of your brother/sister in the Lord? Accept him/her because Christ accepted you despite your weaknesses.
Romans 15:1-13
Do things from faith. All action in doubt is sin.
Romans 14:14-23
Walk fully convinced in the fear of the Lord. Don't despise or judge a fellow-saint but seek his best.
Romans 14:1-13
Outline of Romans 4: Saving Faith explained
Romans 4
Time is short - love one another and your neighbor by being led by the Spirit, in reflecting Christ to them.
Romans 13:8-14
Our lives are governed by authorities that God appointed
Romans 13:1-7
All things such as space, energy, and authority were created by God's perfect representative, that is the supreme God-Man Jesus Christ.
Colossians 1:15-16
Paul's instruction on how to relate to fellow believers and unbelievers
Romans 12:9-21
What is your gift as a member of the body of Christ?
Romans 12:3-8
What is better than life?
Psalms 63
In God alone I put my trust, who is my Deliverer, strong Protector, Refuge, and save Shelter.
Psalms 62
How to know the will of God
Romans 12:1-2
What does the goodness of God lead you to think, say, and do?
Romans 11:11-36
David walked in integrity, are you too?
Psalms 26
A prayer to know more our Lord Jesus Christ
Ephesians 1:17-19
Think soberly and walk in the fear of the Lord, because God is blessed for His great saving work in Jesus Christ for you.
1 Peter 1
God offers His righteousness in grace as a gift in Jesus Christ.
Romans 3
In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. - Col 2:3
Proverbs 2:1-9
Amazing grace of God! He is faithful, and will complete what He started.
Romans 11:1-10
Israel disobeyed and rejected God's compassion to save. Please don't do the same mistake. Receive God's gift of eternal life in Christ.
Romans 10:14-21
How does a victorious life look like for you?
Psalms 148
Believe Jesus and receive eternal life.
John 3:1-21
Zealous works cannot save, but faith in Christ does!
Romans 10:1-13
Focus on the Lord in your difficulty.
Psalms 123
Where does your help come from?
Psalms 121
Revive me, O Lord.
Psalms 119:153-160
Israel in large rejects God's righteousness by faith, how about you? Have you accepted God's gift of a perfect standing in Christ?
Romans 9:30-33
Christians exist only because of the mercy and compassion of God.
Romans 9:14-29
God's Word was, is, and will always be effective
Romans 9:6-13
Paul's grief for Israel's rejection of Christ
Romans 9:1-5
Nothing can separate the elect of God form the love of Christ.
Romans 8:31-39
Jesus, King-everlasting, shamed, mocked and tortured by His creatures, to restore a relationship with them.
Matthew 27:27-31
God works Christ-likeness in those he foreknew.
Romans 8:28-30
The Lord is Holy. Majestic, mighty, and faithful King who always was is and forever will be. He is the everlasting King!
Psalms 93
What is the Spirit's part of work in the life of God's children?
Romans 8:26-27
Christians groan in longing for their glorification
Romans 8:23-25
Outline of Romans 2
Romans 2
What gets creation to perfection?
Romans 8:19-22
Children of God are saved to be glorified together with Christ.
Romans 8:16-18
Great is God the giver of every spiritual blessing!
Ephesians 1:3-4
What does it mean to live according to the Spirit?
Romans 8:1-17
The law cannot help in the struggle with indwelling sin but the Lord Jesus can.
Romans 7:13-25
Is the law still condemning you or have you found the grace of God in Christ?
Romans 7:7-12
Are you in the flesh under the curse of the law, or are you liberated serving in the newness of the Spirit?
Romans 7:1-6
Do you live as a person who is under grace? Are you devoted to God or yourself? We received all in Christ, should we not also live for Him?
Romans 6:15-23
What does your baptism mean?
Romans 6:1-14
Great disasters will happen before the powerful and glorious appearance of the Son of Man. Tribes will mourn; the elect will be gathered.
Matthew 24:29-31
The Fall of Humanity and God's gracious Gift of Justification
Romans 5:12-21
Outline of Romans 1
Romans 1:1-32
Rejoice: In Christ's death and resurrection, reconciliation and salvation is freely available for you.
Romans 5:6-11
Justification by faith grands peace with God, access to God and an overflowing joy which causes to boast in God even in suffering.
Romans 5:1-5
What are the signs of the Lord's coming and the end of the age?
Matthew 24:1-28
God's promise, Abrahams faith, and its lesson
Romans 4:13-25
Were the Jews who lived at the old testament time saved in the same manner as the Gentiles today?
Romans 4:1-8
Who do you boast in?
Romans 3:27-31
Have you received the righteousness of God by believing Jesus? Or are you still in your sins? Trust Him today to be made right in Gods sight
Romans 3:21-26
All are guilty before God. There is none righteous. All are under sin.
Romans 3:9-20
God is faithful to save and just in all His judgments. Either submit to His truth, or His wrath will inflict you for your sins.
Romans 3:1-8
No salvation in anything outward which man could boast in, but only in God who causes the inward change of heart.
Romans 2:25-29
The Jew knows the will of God, but fails as the Gentile in doing it. All have failed and are guilty.
Romans 2:17-24
A call for repentance to lost and self-righteous sinners.
Luke 15:11-32
Bear fruit for God because we belong to and love Jesus
Romans 7:4-6
The blessed man meditates on the law of the Lord
Psalms 1:1-6
Meditate on Scripture
Joshua 1:8
All men are unrighteous and therefore under the wrath of God. They are guilty unless they received the righteousness of God by faith.
Romans 2:1-16
Praise the Lord. He takes pleasure in His people.
Psalms 149
The Spirit intercedes for us in our weaknesses.
Romans 8:26-27
No one served God like Jesus; He is the greatest. Hypocrites work for themselves to be seen and praised by man. Their desire misleads them.
Matthew 23:1-36
Gott zeigt seine Größe im Erhalten und Versorgen der Bedürftigen. Lob und Ruhm sei Gott dem ewigen König für alle Zeit.
Psalms 145
The denial of the truth of the existence of God is followed by unrighteous and wicked characteristics.
Romans 1:18-32
Highly honored by the Gospel of Christ
Romans 1:16-17
An example of how Paul made plans according to his call and longing and then trusted God to succeed or hinder these plans.
Romans 1:8-15
The privilege of being in Christ! No condemnation, and a walk in the Spirit!
Romans 8:1-4
Beloved of God; you who are called to be saints: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 1:1-7
The Lord is long-suffering, who desires that all men come to repentence.
2 Peter 3:8-9
Reconciled to God through Christ's death and saved by His life to evermore rejoice in that fact.
Romans 5:10-11
A people of God
1 Peter 2:9-10
In Christ we may receive all things that exist for life and godliness to share in divine nature
2 Peter 1:3-4
Is there anything better than the Love of God in Christ?
Romans 8:31-39
Paulus bittet das der Vater der Herrlichkeit den Heiligen in Epheser den Geist der Weisheit und der Offenbarung gebe.
Ephesians 1:15-23
Experience the power of God in your life through prayer together with your brothers and sisters.
James 5:13-18
Blessed is the one who trusts the Lord
Psalms 84
Wealth cannot save you, Christ can. Forsake the dream that riches will fulfill you and follow Christ who is the all-surpassing reward.
Matthew 19:23-30
God is the judge and lawgiver. Submit to His law and do not speak evil against you brother.
James 4:11-12
God's work of Regeneration - A new heart with new desires and His Spirit to live a fulfilled life in the will of God
Ezekiel 36:25-27
Do you labor for the people of God?
Colossians 4:12-13
Fruchtbar oder Unfruchtbar?
John 15:1-3
Praise the Lord for of His might and acts of mercy
Psalms 147
Kill sin, because in Christ you have put off the sinful nature. Put on Christ, because in Him you have put Him on already.
Colossians 3:1-17
To be blessed and truly honored by God is to live out what Christ has done for His church
Psalms 119:1-8
Trust and be content in the Lord; He is your Helper; He will never leave nor forsake you!
Hebrews 13:5-6
Live out the from God received Wisdom, but be careful not to boast of wisdom if your heart is sidetracked by the flesh.
James 3:13-18
Are you wholeheartedly devoted to good works? Can people learn when they see you work?
Titus 3:12-15
Foolish talk is useless, empty, and self- condemning. Warn those who do that and stay away from them if they do not repent.
Titus 3:9-11
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A Samaritan Woman Meets Her Messiah
John 4:1-42
Jesus revealed Himself as Messiah to a Samaritan woman. She and many in her city believed in Him once they got to know Him.
Published May 25th, 2019
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V. 1-4: The Lord travels from Judea to Galilee
V. 5-6 History of Sychar
V. 7-9 A Jew asks water from a Samaritan
Jesus in a human body
Christ and Women
V. 1-4: The Lord travels from Judea to Galilee
Why did the knowledge of the Lord about the Pharisees hearing about His success cause Him to leave Judea? Given that the Pharisees saw anybody who gained favor with the people as enemies, the Lord might have avoided conflict at that time. Though we read about Him confronting them fiercely on other occasions, it must have been the best option to leave this time. Whatever the motive was, the peace of God was His perfect guard (Phil 4:7). Where are Judea, Galilee, and Samaria located? Judea is South of Galilee and Samaria, bordering the North-West side of the Dead Sea. Galilee is North of Judea and Samaria, bordering the West side of the Sea of Galilee. Samaria is in between, bordering Judea on the South and Galilee on the North. Why had the Lord to pass through Samaria? It would be the shortest way, is the simplest answer. It was also possible to avoid Samaria by travailing East through Perea and Decapolis. There were racial conflicts between the Jews and Samaritans. For this reason, Jews avoided Samaria and were willing to take the longer path through neighbor provinces. Why does it say "He had to" - leaving no other option? The Lord knew (supernaturally: made known by His Father in heaven) about this poor woman in search for true satisfaction and that could be the reason for going through Samaria.
V. 5-6 History of Sychar
What is known of Sychar, it's surrounding, and Jacob's well? Sychar was a city of Samaria, Verse 5. At the beginning of new testament times, Sychar was a small village close to the abandoned but famous old testament city of Shechem (today known as Tell Balata). Jacob bought a lot in that area from the sons of Hamor. Later Joseph's bones were buried there and the lot became an inheritance of Joseph's sons. (Genesis 33:19, Joshua 24:32) One of Jacob's wells was there. Verse 5,12 Jacob camped there peacefully among the sons of Hamor till Jacob's sons killed in revenge all males in the city of Shechem. Hamor's son, Prince Shechem, seduced Jacobs daughter Dinah, which upset her brothers and ended in a terrible bloodbath (Gen 33:18-35:5). The city was in a fruitful valley between Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal. Once God brought Israel into the Promised Land, they were instructed to proclaim the blessings of serving God toward Mount Gerizim and the curse of serving gods to Mount Ebal (Deut 11:26-29). We read of the fulfillment of that gathering in Joshua 8:30-35.
V. 7-9 A Jew asks water from a Samaritan
Why was the woman surprised that Jesus asked her for water? Because Jews did not interact with the Samaritans. Verse 9. Why did the Jews not interact with the Samaritans? The racial conflict between Jews and Samaritans began about 700 BC when the 10 tribes of Israel were deported by the Assyrians. The people that were not deported married non-Israelites, who worshiped idols, which was clearly forbidden for Israel. With these marriages, the Samaritans mixed the worship of the true God with idol worship. The hostility grew when the Samaritans were denied to help to rebuild the Tempel in Jerusalem under Cyrus the Great's decree (Esra 4:2). The Samaritans built their own temple on Mount Gerizim. Why did the Lord Jesus break that racial boundary? There was no reason to stay in that racial bound from God's perspective. He was thirsty, His disciples were away, so He asked that woman for a drink. Verse 7-8. Because the Lord did not come to condemn, but to save the lost (John 3:17). The Lord was by no means happy about the choices of the Samaritans. They had disobeyed His commandments and were as a result in bondage to their idols. But how would they be helped if the Lord would act as the other Jews? They wouldn't, so He interacts with her and reveals Himself to her and with that, offers the solution to her core problem of idol-worship.
Jesus in a human body
The Lord experienced the weaknesses of our bodies, yet without the natural tendency to rebel against the will of God the Fathers. In this story we see the Lord being tired and resting at a well. Naturally, people are more vulnerable when they are tired. Some get grumpy, short-tempered, and complainers because of the weakness of our bodies . But look at what the Lord did when He was tired. He knew the spiritual truth of which we read in Verse 34: “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.” Food satisfies a basic need of every human being. It strengthens the body to perform live sustaining tasks. How can the will and the work of the Father be food? The Lord is saying that the will and the work of the Father satisfy and strengthens spiritual needs that are of greater value than physical needs. So, when the Lord was exhausted from the travel and saw that woman, He thought of the One who sends Him and about the work He was entrusted to accomplish. The Lord is showing how to honor the Father in our bodily weaknesses by remembering God’s amazing love for us, and the joy of His presence. His love assures our acceptance and His joy is our strength to go about His work.
Christ and Women
Not only could it be that the woman looked for satisfaction at the wrong places, but it may also be that this woman was mistreated by men except by a perfect man who valued and treated her with dignity. This woman was divorced 5 times. So, it could be that at some point she was on the receiving-end of selfish, and abusive men. Back then, women were often more dependable on men for survival and there were, as there are today, plenty of people that take advantage of the weak and vulnerable. Those men would take her without returning faithfulness support and commitment. She found in Jesus what no other man could offer - Eternal Life. The example and teaching of Christ about women has shaped western civilization to some significant extent . Biblical Christianity should transform the way women are treated in any culture that oppresses them . It seems to me though that the feminist movement went beyond their initial plea for equality. Some admitted to seeking not only equality but superiority over men. Slogans like "Women are the future!" are no surprise and challenging it is unacceptable. Fact is, a culture needs men just as it needs women to have a future. It needs strong marriages and families to be sustained. Western civilization is putting itself deep into trouble by removing the significance of marriage between one man and one woman for life. Many children are deprived of the security of growing up in a stable family. Some live through the trauma of divorce and are raised by one parent only. They don't see the complete example of a faithful father and a loving mother. These kids usually mature at a slow pace and with many insecurities. They might end up living in a virtual world on a computer because they were not trained properly to accomplish things in the real world to support themselves and our communities. Some cultures treat their women as property and like animals even to this day. Biblical Christianity teaches a clear obvious difference between women and men and their roles yet they are of the same value. No Men, nor women are superior in value but equal in the sight of God and therefore should be seen as such by all people.
John 4:1-42
when the Lord knew
that the Pharisees had heard
that Jesus was making ... more disciples than John
and baptizing
(although Jesus Himself was not baptizing,
but His disciples were),
He left Judea and went away
again into Galilee.
And He had to pass
through Samaria.
So He came to a city of Samaria
called Sychar,
near the parcel of ground
that Jacob gave
to his son Joseph;
and Jacob’s well was there.
being wearied
from His journey,
So Jesus, ... was sitting thus
by the well.
It was
about the sixth hour.
Natural Water and Spiritual Water
The Reality of desires. And the Greater Reality of God who meets ultimately all desires
There came a woman of Samaria
to draw water.
Jesus said to her,
“Give Me a drink.”
For His disciples had gone away
into the city
to buy food.
Therefore the Samaritan woman said to Him,
“How is it that You, ... ask me for a drink
being a Jew,
since I am a Samaritan woman?”
(For Jews have no dealings
with Samaritans.)
Jesus answered and said to her,
“If you knew the gift of God,
Condition #1
and who it is who says to you,
Condition #2
‘Give Me a drink,’
you would have asked Him,
Result #1
and He would have given you living water.”
Result #2
She said to Him,
“Sir, You have nothing to draw with
Condition #1
and the well is deep;
Condition #2
where then do You get that living water?
You are not greater than our father Jacob, are You,
who gave us the well,
and drank of it himself
and his sons
and his cattle?”
Jesus answered and said to her,
“Everyone who drinks of this water
will thirst again;
but whoever drinks of the water
Condition #1
that I will give him
shall never thirst;
Result #1
but the water
Condition #2
that I will give him
will become ... a well of water springing up
Result #2
in him
to eternal life.”
The woman said to Him,
“Sir, give me this water,
so I will not be thirsty
Purpose #1
nor come all the way here to draw.”
Purpose #2
God Alone can Fully Satisfy. Man cannot Satisfy
The Woman's Idol addressed
He said to her,
“Go, call your husband and come here.”
The woman answered and said,
“I have no husband.”
Jesus said to her,
“You have correctly said,
‘I have no husband’;
for you have had five husbands,
Ground #1
and the one whom you now have is not your husband;
Ground #2
this you have said truly.”
Who and How you Worship matters, not the Place you Worship
Worship God in spirit and truth
The woman said to Him,
“Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet.
Our fathers worshiped in this mountain,
and you people say that in Jerusalem is the place ... to worship.”
where men ought
Jesus said to her,
“Woman, believe Me,
an hour is coming
when neither in this mountain
Locative #1
nor in Jerusalem
Locative #2
will you worship the Father.
You worship what you do not know;
we worship what we know,
for salvation is from the Jews.
But an hour is coming, and now is,
when the true worshipers will worship the Father
in spirit and truth;
for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.
God is spirit,
and those who worship Him must worship
in spirit and truth.”
The Messiah is speaking
"I am" The everlasting sufficient Creator, Sustainer, and Savior
The woman said to Him,
“I know
that Messiah is coming
(He who is called Christ);
when that One comes,
He will declare all things
to us.”
Jesus said to her,
“I who speak to you am He.”
Disciples arrive
At this point
His disciples came,
and they were amazed
that He had been speaking with a woman,
yet no one said, “What do You seek?”
or, “Why do You speak with her?”
Woman's witness of Christ
So the woman left
her waterpot,
and went
into the city
and said
to the men,
“Come, see a man
who told me all the things that I have done;
this is not the Christ, is it?”
They went ... to Him.
out of the city,
and were coming
Meanwhile the disciples were urging Him, saying, “Rabbi, eat.”
But He said to them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.”
So the disciples were saying to one another, “No one brought Him anything to eat, did he?”
Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work.
Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest’?
Ground #1
Behold, I say to you,
lift up your eyes and look on the fields,
that they are white for harvest.
Ground #2
Already he who reaps is receiving wages and is gathering fruit for life eternal;
Ground #3
so that he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together.
For in this case the saying is true, ‘One sows and another reaps.’
I sent you to reap
that for which you have not labored;
others have labored and you have entered into their labor.”
From that city
many of the Samaritans believed in Him
because of the word of the woman who testified, “He told me all the things that I have done.”
So when the Samaritans came to Jesus,
they were asking Him to stay with them;
and He stayed there two days.
Many more believed
because of His word;
and they were saying to the woman,
“It is no longer because of what you said that we believe,
for we have heard for ourselves
Ground #1
and know that this One is indeed the Savior of the world.”
Ground #2
The Lord would've asked His disciples to draw water had they been with Him. This conversation rose out of
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