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Paraphrase, assignment 10
I Thess 5:1-11
Jesus will return, but we don’t know when. Are you ready?
Published September 7th, 2019
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Main point summary
Main point summary
Jesus is going to return to this earth and we should be prepared and encouraged by this.
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Now as to the a times and the epochs,
I have just written to about Jesus’s miraculous return, and so I can imagine you are wondering when he will return.
brethren , you b have no need of anything to be written to you.
Brothers and sisters, I don’t need to tell you when he will return
For you yourselves know full well
Because I think it is obvious
that a the day of the Lord 1 will come b just like a thief in the night.
Jesus will return will be like a burglar that breaks into your house while you are sleeping
While they are saying, “ a Peace and safety!”
You think you are safe and will be able to get a peaceful sleep
then 1 b destruction 2 will come upon them suddenly like c labor pains upon a woman with child,
But all of a sudden, bam! They break in and destroy your home. It will happen quickly, like labor contractions. You expect them and wait for them, and when they finally come they are violent
and they will not escape.
There is no escaping the destruction they will come
But you , brethren, are not in a darkness,
You are different from others in the world for they have no knowledge but have been told the truth
that the day would overtake you 1 b like a thief;
So that you can be prepared. Like in our previous example that a thief will be coming in the night. You will be waiting for them with a baseball bat.
for you are all a sons of light and sons of day.
You have been chosen and are son and daughters of the truth
We are not of night nor of b darkness;
Things have been hidden from others
so then let us not a sleep as 1 b others do,
So we behave differently, we stay awake
but let us be alert and 2 c sober.
We are alert, we are serious about the reality of his return
For those who sleep do their sleeping at night,
People typically sleep at night
and those who get drunk get a drunk at night.
People typically drink at night
But since a we are of the day,
But we are not night people, we get up early because we like the day
let us b be 1 sober,
You must be sober about his return and prepare in this way
having put on the c breastplate of d faith and love,
Be a man of faith and love. Protect your heart with a breastplate
and as a e helmet, the f hope of salvation.
Be a man of hope, hope for salvation and life with God forever. Protect your mind with a helmet
For God has not destined us for a wrath,
We will escape punishment
but for b obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Because Christ has paid our debt so we can live with him forever
a who died for us,
He did this at the cross
so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him.
So it doesn’t mater if we sleep or stay awake we will be, are promised to be with him always
Therefore 1 encourage one another
What are you to do wit this knowledge? Tell it to each other
and a build up one another, just as you also are doing.
Use it to strengthen each other’s faith and hope. Keep doing what you are doing
How did they know this? Was it already told to them in person or anther letter.
Who will not escape? Unbelievers?
He asks us to not sleep, later on in verse 10 he says it doesn’t matter
This is what we are to do about it. Put on: faith, love, hope
Here is the gospel
The return of Christ is such an important topic for the Christian. But I don’t think it get mentioned enough.
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