Didactics—Assignment 4 [done]
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
If you could learn everything there is to know, what would be your conclusion?
Published August 28th, 2017
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Main point summary
Main point summary
Of all the wisdom that could be compiled from God, it's summary is this: Fear God and keep his commandments for final judgment is coming.
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
In addition to being a wise man,
The Preacher gave wise counsel
the Preacher also taught the people knowledge;
and he taught the people to become wise themselves;
and he pondered,
by seeking to understand,
searched out
and arranged a many proverbs.
And organizing wisdom they could memorize.
The Preacher sought to find a delightful words
He worked to find life-giving wisdom
and to write b words of truth correctly.
and then write them accurately.
The a words of wise men
For these things he sought to provide his people,
are like b goads,
Are like goads that street in a faithful direction
and masters of these collections
and those who master these books
are like 1 well-driven c nails;
Are like nails firmly driven, strong, and holding things together;
they are given by one Shepherd.
Wisdom is like this and had this effect because it comes from one Shepherd.
But beyond this, my son, be warned:
the 1 writing of a many books is endless,
and excessive b devotion to books is wearying to the body.
The conclusion,
when all has been heard, is:
a fear God
and b keep His commandments,
because this applies to c every person.
For a God will bring every act to judgment,
everything which is hidden,
whether it is good
or evil.
To value wisdom is not to simply store it up so that the world will come and beg for counsel. To value wisdom is to teach it to others that you might not be needed. This is what the preacher of Ecclesiastes did; searching, meditating, and then compiling the fruits of his labor for others. In God's divine intelligence, he ordained that wisdom he reveals to men in all areas of life would be passed and preserved through writing. While written words certainly do not have a monopoly on communication, God himself has entrusted his inspired words to this clear, mobile, and lasting form. God's people should be a reading, feeding, and learning people who grow in wisdom, all of which comes from God himself. The wise among us, after we have digested and lived upon what God has given without measure, should take up the call to write clearly that others might be taught. But be warned: when we consider all that could be learned, we will always remain painfully uneducated. The Gospel of John states that even if you could write it down, the whole world could not contain the books of all Christ said and did. Printing presses relentlessly churn book after book, most without the Preacher's conviction for accuracy. In his book Lit! , Tony Reinke estimates that current publishing rates indicate that for every one book you say 'yes' to, you must say 'no' to ten thousand. The task of knowing it all is simply unachievable. But do not fear; the Preacher has done you a favor. He has provided you the summit without the unachievable climb. If you could compile all that could be learned so that the whole mountain was visible beneath you, and you were asked, "Summarize all truth and tell us what you see," you would say: "Fear God and keep his commandments, for all of us will stand before Him in judgment." The conclusion of it all is given. There is no point in the future, whether by learning or experience, where the fruits of growing in wisdom will point elsewhere. We need not delay in the hopes of future clarity. In Christ, we pursue holiness knowing that the gavel has already fallen and the ruling was issued in our favor. Likewise, let us pursue wisdom from the power of having already received its conclusion.
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