Models of Faith
1 Thessalonians 1:1-5:28
Published November 15th, 2020; Updated November 16th, 2020
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OUTLINE OF 1 THESSALONIANS I. Greetings 1:1 II. Thanksgivings 1:2-5a A. Thanksgiving to God 1:2-3 1. Their faith at work 1:2-3a 2. Love that labors 1:3b 3. Steadfast hope 1:3c B. Reasons for Thanksgiving 1:4-5a 1. They are chosen 1:4 2. Faith at work,because of the Gospel that has power 1:5a III. Thessalonian's Exemplary Display of Faith 1:5b-10 A. They recieve and immitate 1:5c-6 B. Became an example to all 1:7-8a C. A pleasing scent among brothers 1:8b-10 IV. The Reason behind 2:1-12 A. Proclamation even in persecution 2:1-2 1. though we suffered.. 2:1-2a 2. still we proclaim 2:2b B. The Reason:To Please God 2:3-6 1. with clear conscience 2:3-4 2. in speech 2:5 3. not taking advantage of authority 2:6 C. and Set an Example 2:7-12 1. but giving our ownselves 2:7-8 2. by working 2:9 3. by walking blamelessly 2:10 4. by caring like a Father to his son 2:11-12 V. Regarding the Word Proclaimed 2:13-18 A. We thank God that you accept the Word of God 2:13 B. Because you become immitators 2:14a C. Because you too suffered 2:14b-15a D. And We too because of them 2:15b-18 1. by hindering us to come to you 2:15c-16 2. but it results in our eagerness to see you 2:17-18 VI. Our Joy,Hope and Glory 2:19-3:4 A. You're our hope,joy and glory 2:19-20 B. Therefore we care all the more about you 3:1-4 1. By sending Timothy 3:2 2. To establish you 3:3-4 VII. Joy from a Brother 3:5-13 A. Were Worried for you 3:5 B. A good news 3:6 C. Coming Joy 3:7-10 D. God as the one who works in and out 3:11-13 VIII. Final Instructions,Words and Warnings 4:1-12 A. Walk in our teachings 4:1-2 B. Walk in Holiness 4:3-8 1. Abstain from evil desires 4:3b-5 2. Not transgressing your brother 4:6 3. For God called you in Holiness 4:7-8 C. Written in your hearts 4:9-10a D. Way of Living 4:10b-12 IX. The Hope to come 4:13-18 A. The Hope of the Dead and the Living 4:13-18 1. to our brothers asleep 4:13-14 2. to us who are alive 4:15-18 X. The Beginning of the End 5:1-10 A. It will come Unexpected 5:1-4 1. like a thief in the night 5:1-3a 2. like birthpains 5:3b-4 B. Because you are Children of light and not of darkness 5:5-8a 1. do not be asleep 5:6a 2. but be sober 5:6b 3. reasons 5:7-8a C. Put on your armory of readiness 5:8b-10 1. put your armour and be ready 5:8c 2. the reason 5:9-10 XI. Walk in a Righteous Manner 5:11-22 A. Encourage one another 5:11-22 1. In regard to the Workers 5:12-13 2. In regard to our brethrens 5:14-18 3. In regard to the things of the Spirit 5:19-22 XII. Benediction 5:23-25 XIII. Final Greetings 5:26-28
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