God's Law
Psalms 19:7-15
How should God's word impact us?
Published December 8th, 2020
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Main point summary
Main point summary
God's perfect word is trustworthy and should enrich and deeply change us.
Psalms 19:7-9
o The law of the Lord is perfect, 1
The word of God is flawless,
p reviving the soul;
therefore it refreshes the ones spirit;
q the testimony of the Lord is r sure,
the scripture of Yahweh is trustworthy,
s making wise t the simple;
therefore they give knowledge and discernment to the unlearned,
u the precepts of the Lord are right,
the sacred writings of God are correct
rejoicing the heart;
therefore they bring great joy to our inner being;
the commandment of the Lord is v pure,
the instructions of Yahweh are like perfectly refined metal,
w enlightening the eyes;
therefore it makes one alert and active;
the fear of the Lord is clean,
the awestruck reverence of God is undefiled,
enduring forever;
and it lasts infinitely;
the rules 1 of the Lord are x true,
the regulations of Yahweh are completely reliable,
and righteous altogether.
and are completely and totally correct and right.
Teaching: What do we think about God's word? What descriptive words come to mind? The Psalms are here to guide our thoughts on what we believe about God's word. They show us be repeating over and over that God's word, his, law, his commands, his rules, are perfect, sure, right, pure, and true. We even see a brief mention of the fear of God. This in the midst of meditations on God's word. Not the primary point of the passage but the fear of God and his word are connected. What we see over and over again in this passage is the effect of God's word. God's word is _______, therefore it changes us in this way or that. Each proposition deserves time and thought meditation and memorization. How do we need to be changed by God's word? By this passage?
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