John 1:14-18
John 1:14-18
The glory, grace, and truth of the Word
Published March 2nd, 2020; Updated March 6th, 2020
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Main point summary
Jn 1:14-18
Main point summary
The glory of the Word of God - beheld by men when grace and truth are revealed in Jesus Christ.
Jn 1:14-18
John 1:14-18
No one has ever since God, nevertheless, the only Son who is in the Father has revealed the Father.
From his fullness (Col 1:19, Col 2:9) we have all received abundant grace because grace and truth came through the Word, even though the Law was given through Moses (not by Moses)
John gave testimony of Him and declared this in an audible manner: When I said that the one comes after me, IS before me, I was talking about the Word. He is preferable and higher than myself because he existed before I did.
The Word became flesh and lived among men, and men saw his glory, which is the glory of the only Son of the Father. The only son is full of grace and truth.
The passage is about the Word, not John or Moses 1. The Word's dwelling (14,18) 2. The Word's glory (14) 3. The Word's grace and truth (14,16,18) 4. The Word's eternality (15,18) 5. The Word's deity (15,18) 6. The Word - consummation and greatest revelation. (16,17) 7. The Word - the only Son of the Father (14,18) 8. The Word's mission (18)
Key Words: Word Only Son of God Grace Truth Glory
Why does John use "light" and "word" to refer to Jesus? John refers to Jesus as the Word in vv.1 -4 and the light in vv.1 and vv.5-13. Why?
The way in which John testified of the Word is related to the revelation in vv.14. vv.15 says John testified in a certain way (vv15c-16b)
It's important to highlight that NO ONE has EVER seen God, yet the Father has been revealed in the most glorious way. This phrase highlights the exclusivity and uniqueness of Jesus' work. He is the only historical figure in the history of the world to reveal the Father in such a glorious and superior way. He has shown the Father's splendor and radiance (light?/glory)
The glory of the Word, his grace and truth revealed to men in the most glorious and superior way.
Y el V erbo a se hizo carne b ,
And a the Word b became flesh,
y habitó entre nosotros c ,
and 1 c dwelt among us,
y vimos su gloria d ,
and d we saw His glory,
gloria como del unigénito 1 del Padre ,
glory as of 2 the only begotten from the Father,
lleno de gracia e y de verdad f .
full of e grace and f truth.
Juan dio * testimonio de El a y clamó,
John * a testified about Him and cried out,
Este era del que yo decía:
“This was He of whom I said,
“El que viene después de mí b , es antes de mí 1 ,
‘ b He who comes after me 1 has a higher rank than I,
porque era primero que yo c .”
c for He existed before me.’”
Pues de su plenitud a todos hemos recibido,
For of His a fullness 1 we have all received,
y gracia sobre gracia (gracia por causa de la gracia).
and 2 grace upon grace (grace was received as the result of grace).
Porque la ley fue dada
For a the Law was given
por medio de Moisés a ;
through Moses;
la gracia b y la verdad c fueron hechas realidad
b grace and c truth 1 were realized
por medio de Jesucristo .
through Jesus Christ.
Nadie ha visto jamás a Dios a ;
a No one has seen God at any time;
el unigénito Dios 1 b ,
b the only begotten God
que está en el seno del Padre c ,
who is c in the bosom of the Father,
El le ha dado a conocer d .
d He has explained Him.
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