The Vast Value of the Gospel of Grace
1 Peter 1:10-13
Peter goes from fact v3-12 to application v13. Do you view the gospel as central for your life?
Published September 29th, 2022
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Main point summary
The Vast Value of the Gospel of Grace Background "Concerning this salvation" The salvation Peter is talking about is the gospel truths referring to verses 3-8 born again to a living hope through the death and resurrection of Jesus Inheritance kept for us and God keeping us in this life even in the midst of trials through faith which will result in being with Him forever. Peter putting the conversation in Park Peter pauses for a second after presenting the gospel truths and puts us in the shoes of the prophets, the evangelist, and the angels. He expounds (Idea/Explanation) upon this salvation through their eyes. Showing the unity of the whole Bible and its value. The Eyes of the Prophets Not only did they prophesy about "the grace that was to be yours" But they " searched " and "inquired carefully " the grace they prophesied through the Spirit They did this by looking over/investigating over their own words studying the predicted suffering and future glories of Christ they prophesied. They desired to know the when the time of the Messiah would come and who the Messiah is. Then the Spirit revealed to the prophets they were not "serving themselves" But "you" serving us the future believers the heirs of the OT The eyes of the Evangelist and Angels. That is the evangelist puts the pieces together by the Spirit. He took what was announced by the prophets showing the fulfillment in Christ which is the good news. Prophets made the prophecies, Christ fulfilled the prophecies, the evangelist proclaims by the Holy Spirit the fuller story which is the good news. OT - Christ predicted. NT - Christ revealed. Book of Acts - Christ preached/by the power of Christ through men. The epistles Christ explained. Revelation - Christ expected. The Holy Spirit inspired the gospel. This very gospel that is predicted and proclaimed is so great even the angels ponder over the beauty and unity of the message. The Therefore v13. * Peter says because of the prophets, evangelist, and angels showing us how great this salvation is from their view. Explanation and application Therefore "set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." Peter is telling these people to live their lives expectantly full of anticipation with "a living hope" that their inheritance is reserved and coming to them when Christ comes back. Is this your attitude? Do you expect Him to come back? And do you expected to receive your reward which Christ purchased for you? Let this attitude be in our hearts. What kind of attitude is this? Faith involves trusting God in these present time. Over what He has said and what He has done for you. Hope is anticipation. Trusting God in the grace which is coming in the future as He has promised in Scripture. "Fully" means without a doubt about the promises of God. Full confidence in Him and his promises. Should you be confident in Him? Look at the prophecies already fulfilled. Look at Christ. His life, His death, and His resurrection. He has a perfect record and never lied. We have wronged Him. But He is eternally unchanging He will always love you and keep His promises toward you. To show His love and glory to you. Therefore live in a unshakeable trust in Him. Turn to God and flee from your idols. Serve Him and wait expecting Him and no other. Live in view of the second coming. Looking forward to that day. As Abraham hoped that God would give him a son, fighting against the doubt that he had. He grew stronger and God was honored. You will too. Peter then tells us how to "set your hope fully on the grace". We do this by ...... 1) "preparing our minds for action" This could mean to "gird up" in other words have control over something in preparation for action. Or for example tightening up your belt so that your pants do not fall down getting in the way of walking or running to your destination. Peter applies this to our minds. Peter is saying discipline your thoughts in your mind. Set your priorities straight. Do not let sinful desires block you from seeing His glory. Seek to walk in righteousness and holiness; eyes on the future grace which is coming quickly for you. 2) "be sober-minded" This part literally means do not be intoxicated. Do not lose control of your body, thoughts, and actions. Do not lose spiritual control soaking yourself in the world's sinful system. Seek steadfastness and self control. Again have a clear mind and discipline your heart. Set your priorities straight. But still how? If I only told you to discipline your mind, set your priorities straight, walk in righteousness, keep control of your thoughts and actions etc. Then I would only leave you with law. But no gospel. The law is good. But you cannot do this by yourself. You cannot even take a breath without God's power on your life. This is why Peter says "set your hope fully on the GRACE". the gospel is the power UNTO salvation. The same salvation talked about in the whole bible. Prophets studied, evangelist preached, and angels long for to know. Look at the grace first! See the cross. See the life. See the resurrection. See the promises kept and given to you and will keep for you forever. Trust His word. He showed you can trust Him when He went to that cross paid the debt and rose again. You can trust He is coming back for you. This drives us to love Him NOW til He comes. This is what drives our obedience through the work of the Word and the Spirit. Just Him. Just His grace. Just our fellowship with Him brings me more joy. Have the mind more joy will come because He is on His way. He is not worried about you being perfect now. And He is not demanding you to bring a perfect golden age on earth then He will come. He still loves you and always will. He is coming regardless of what is going on here and what you have done. He has promised He is keeping you and He is coming to you. He is always the initiator. And giver. Never receiver. He is the operator not the patient. So let this free you. Not to sin, but to be filled with joy. His coming and your salvation not about you. But about Him and His grace. Set your heart on Him and His work in the gospel first above all then trust God He will work in you and finish it. Application for whole text The prophets labored over the texts the spoken through the Spirit, the angels long to know the gospel, do you have these same affections over the gospel? Do you study the Bible to know the Messiah who is predicted in OT and revealed in NT? Is studying God’s word worth the time? The prophets were without knowing who Messiah is and when He is coming. But we see more now of the fullness of the story. Do you see this unity in the Bible? All pointing to Christ who came and we are now expecting to come back. He is the hero of the story and our hope. OT showed types and shadows. NT showed the Messiah. The Holy Spirit played a role in the formation of the message, proclamation of the message, and the application. Set every aspect of your being upon the hope, the grace, and the salvation coming to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. Even in times of trial, keep the eyes of your heart centered on the grace which be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. He kept His promise to come, die, and rise again therefore trust He’ll come back so you can enjoy Him in the heavenly kingdom.
Main point summary
Due to the vast value of the gospel of grace which the prophets studied and longed to see in its fullness, the Holy Spirit testifying it through apostles/evangelist, and angels intensely pondering over the majestic salvation displayed therefore feast your eyes on the living hope and grace given to you in Christ which will bring you home to Him.
1 Peter 1:10-13
Concerning this salvation,
x the prophets who prophesied about the grace
that was to be yours searched and inquired carefully,
inquiring y what person or time z the Spirit of Christ in them was indicating a when he predicted b the sufferings of Christ and the subsequent glories.
c It was revealed to them that d they were serving not themselves
but you,
in the things that have now been announced to you
through those who preached the good news to you
e by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven,
f things into which angels long to look.
Therefore, g preparing your minds for action, 1 and h being sober-minded,
set your hope fully on the grace
that will be brought to you
at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
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