You are Beautiful and Loved
Song of Solomon 4:7-9
Do you know the height and depth of His love for you?
Published March 26th, 2022; Updated March 26th, 2022
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Main point summary
Main point summary
The Bride of Christ is beautiful and there is no blemish in her therefore flee from all places full of trouble and go to God because the bride’s beauty in Christ captured the heart of The Father.
Song of Solomon 4:7-9
e You are altogether beautiful, my love;
there is no f flaw in you.
g Come with me from h Lebanon, my i bride; come with me from h Lebanon.
Depart 1 from the peak of Amana,
from the peak of j Senir and k Hermon,
from the dens of lions,
from the mountains of leopards.
You have captivated my heart, my l sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart
with one glance of your eyes,
with one m jewel of your necklace.
Testimony (Audio of my Testimony drawing from the text) At one point in my Christian life all I heard about was the love of God. I never knew about the other side of the God. Whenever I heard a message or conversation with someone I never heard about the justice of God or wrath of God. I became so dedicated to know and understand more of who God is. As time passed, I learned about holiness of God, justice of God, hatred/anger of God, wrath of God etc. It is beautiful to know these truths in light of the the gospel and the cross. With understanding both sides to the coin, my mind was clear, my heart was filled with love for God, and my hands wanted to work for Him. But then something shifted, my mind became centered only holiness, justice, and wrath of God. Grace and love rarely entered my mind at the time. I didn’t have joy but rather played the woe is me card. I acted as if His holiness and righteousness is against me not for me. When I sinned I felt like I couldn’t approach God. I felt like my sin was too big for Him to forgive me. I kept myself away. Put myself in penalty box. I felt like a hypocrite. Then at a time I would try to work my way back. Based on my actions salvation was dependent upon me. I was looking at me. Not seeing myself in Union with Christ. Most of the time I would have thoughts in my head saying to me “Really? Again? You did this again? You really think God loves you? He ain’t gonna forgive you again for this. Your supposed to be perfect as He is. He is holy and righteous and you aren’t. You keep on sinning. You can’t go to Him. You’ve done this over and over. You’re a hypocrite. Just wait a bit then go to him all scared and maybe he’ll forgive you. You can’t go to Him right now. You can’t talk to anyone about the gospel you just sinned 5 seconds ago you hypocrite.” I had a low view of God’s love. My assurance of salvation was dwindling. My Bible reading only made me cry and not bring me joy. I only saw wrath at the cross not both love and wrath. So when I see this passage no way would I have thought I was beautiful. No way would I thought I would captivate the heart of God with a single glance of my eyes. I only deserved hell. Nothing more. No sunshine just storm clouds over my head. God the Father reminded me of who Christ is and what he has done for me. He bore the curse so I can be blessed. And because of that I am in union with Him. Christ was treated as a sinner on the cross so I can be treated with the same love the Father had with the Son before the world began and I have that forever ?! He knew all I was going to do and still died for me. He loved me first. His love is everlasting. Once God brought me back to that fact then showed me this passage again, my heart exploded. Overflowed with joy. God is saying these things to me. One single glance from me his heart beats faster, He tells me I am beautiful, there is no flaw. How? Because Christ satisfied justice on the cross that was due for me and my sin. He was made sin for me. I am clothed in his righteousness. God dressed me with His grace and righteousness that one jewel one strand of the necklace. Because of Him and Him which is in me I captivate His heart every time. He loves me. I am His son. I have the same love as the Father has for the Son. Amazing! I am in the bride of Christ. So let me leave and depart from all things that bring trouble in my life. Come to Him it says! Get out of the penalty box. Trust the fact He loves me as much as He says He does. Believe His love is bigger than my sin. Take 10 looks at your sin but take 10,000 looks at how big God is.Remember it was all paid and justice satisfied. Only mercy and love towards me because of Christ. His love for me is stronger than death itself. Let me quickly go to Him in prayer, proclaim the gospel, and read in light of the gospel. O the depth of His love! O the depth how much has been forgiven! Let me love Him!
Brent Karding
Get out of the penalty box.
Great hockey image! As a Canadian, this resonates with me. :D
Kyle Bowling
In my opinion second favorite sport! Behind baseball for me lol.
Brent Karding
Baseball's my second, behind hockey. :)
Kyle Bowling
Let me guess your a maple leaf fan and blue jay fan? Lol
Brent Karding
Blue Jays, yes, but not the Leafs - I was born and raised in Vancouver, so the Canucks.
Brent Karding
Once God brought me back to that fact then showed me this passage again, my heart exploded. Overflowed with joy. God is saying these things to me. One single glance from me his heart beats faster, He ...
Wonderful, worship-filled observations here. I would only caution you to add to this focus the reality that the whole church is the bride of Christ (as you say below), to draw your heart toward fellow believers as well, whom God sees as beautiful and loves.
Kyle Bowling
Yes fully agree. When I read the passage I see the God as the man and the woman as the bride (the church).
Brent Karding
Come with me from Lebanon, my bride; come with me from Lebanon.
This is actually the opposite of a Bilateral! :) 7 and 9 are both grounding 8. I call this a Double Ground, although there's no relationship choice for it in the Discourse module.
Kyle Bowling
Beautiful  thoughts and myself feels the same very informative and helpful. 
Kyle Bowling
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