Romans 7
Romans 7:13-25
Deliverance from law necessary
Published June 14th, 2017; Updated June 14th, 2017
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Main point summary
Main point summary
The law is not the cause of our inability to live righteously 'under law', but sin is ; in order to clearly reveal itself and to show how exceedingly sinful it really is. Why do we not practice what the law demands (even though we want to) but instead practice the very opposite. Because under law (in flesh), indwelling sin is active, arousing sinful passions within us, waging against our minds and making us a prisoner of sin. T he law is so utterly impotent to subdue sin that it actually escalates sin. Indwelling sin is fueled by law and thus reigns (only) where law is (5:20,21). Therefore the following principle is true: As long as you are serving under law , you will be serving and living under sin, even against your volition(6:14). Thus we need deliverance from the law and our body of death (indwelling sin/flesh) Thanks be to God who has given us that deliverance through Jesus.
Romans 7:13-25
Therefore did that which is good become a cause of death for me?
Inference from v9,10 Question : Therefore was the law the cause of my death/inability to live righteously?
a May it never be!
Answer: No way
Rather it was sin,
Alternatively: But sin caused my death/inability to live righteously
in order that it might be shown to be sin
Purpose 1: First to show my sin,
by effecting my death through that which is good,
How? By disabling me to live righteously through the law
so that through the commandment
How? by the commandment
(so that) sin would become utterly sinful.
Purpose 2: Secondly to show^ just how exceedingly sinful sin really is
For we know that the Law is a spiritual,
Ground: Because we know that the law is spiritual
but I am a of flesh, b sold 1 c into bondage to sin.
Concessive/Idea: But I am, of the flesh- sold 'under' sin
For what I am doing, a I do not understand;
Ground/Idea: Because what i am doing, i do not understand
for I am not practicing b what I would like to do,
Explantion: For i am not doing what i want
but I am doing the very thing I hate.
Concessive: but the very thing i hate
But if I do the very thing I do not want to do,
ondition : and if i do the very thing i do not want
I agree with a the Law, confessing that the Law is good.
Progression: then i agree with the law- that it is good
So now, a no longer am I the one doing it,
Progression : And i am no longer the one doing it (consciously in my mind)
but sin which dwells in me.
Concessive: but sin within me or indwelling sin
For I know that nothing good dwells in me,
Ground/Idea: Because i know that nothing good dwells within me
that is, in my a flesh;
Explanation: Nothing good in my flesh
for the willing is present in me,
Ground: for the willing is present in me (consciously or mentally)
but the doing of the good is not.
Concessive : However the ability to do good is not
For a the good that I want, I do not do,
Ground : Because i do not do the good i want to do
but I practice the very evil that I do not want.
Concessive : But I do the very evil i do no want
But if I am doing the very thing I do not want,
Condition: And if i am doing the very thing i hate
a I am no longer the one doing it,
Progression/Then i am no longer the one doing it (in v16...then i agree with law- here then... i am no longer the one doing it).
but sin which dwells in me.
Progression/Concessive :But indwelling sin
I find then a the 1 principle
Action/Idea : Thus I find a law
that evil is present in me, the one who wants to do good.
Action (result in v24) /Explanation : That evil is present within me-even though i want to do good. in other words i am 'under sin' when i am 'under law'
For I joyfully concur with the law of God 1 in a the inner man,
Ground/Problem 1 : Because i delight (sensually or lustfully) in the law of God in my inner being/mind. This is our problem not a good thing as many think- notice the for linking v21
but I see a a different law in 1 the members of my body,
Concessive/Action/ Problem 2 : However i see another law in the members of my body
waging war against the b law of my mind
Explanation 1 :That is fighting against the law of my mind.
and making me a prisoner 2 of c the law of sin which is in my members.
Explanation 2/Progression : And making me a prisoner of the law of indwelling sin.
Wretched man that I am!
Result: That i am a miserable person
Who will set me free from 1 a the body of this b death?
Action: Sin is reigning in my body of death under law causing death. Result: I need deliverance from outside of myself to live righteously. the Question arises then : who will deliver me from this body of death.
a Thanks be to God
Answer: Thank God ( we have been rescued)
through Jesus Christ our Lord!
How? Through Jesus Christ our Lord
So then, on the one hand I myself with my mind am serving the law of God,
Conclusion: I accordingly then, 'under law' serve the law of god with my mind
but on the other, with my flesh b the law of sin.
Series: And (at the same time,)the law of sin with my flesh. The Conclusion of the matter is: That as long i am serving 'under law' i will be serving 'under' sin
Many debate whether this passage is talking about the regenerate or unregenerate. Sadly this often comes at the cost of losing Paul's argument. We must keep in mind Paul is still explaining what he said in 6:14: "Sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under law but under grace" and answering those who think that leaving the law is leaving behind any chance of righteous living (6:15). In this passage he shows how under law we served sin so that it was impossible for us to live righteously under law. For indwelling sin (flesh) is active within your 'body of death' causing you to sin against your volition. So then it is only under grace that we can live righteously, serve God and bear fruit to Him. Therefore this passage is not explicitly appealing to the regenerate or unregenerate; but to anyone who says: "if I have the right rules and try harder enough, then I can do it- I can live righteously before God and bear fruit to Him". To this person Paul says no! You will never be able to achieve righteousness whether you are regenerate or unregenerate if you are trying so under law. We need deliverance from sin, the law and our 'body of death' and praise God for giving us that deliverance. So instead of serving under law - we serve under grace, instead of living in our body of death - we live in the spirit, instead of Sin being our master - God is our master, instead of bearing fruit to death, we bear fruit to life.
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