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The Sadducees foolishly challenge the Word of God about the Word of God!
Matthew 22:23-33
The King's first call to the wedding feast is pure grace; the second call is pure mercy.
Matthew 22:1-14
Right worship involves prayer and praise.
Matthew 21
Once again, we see that the Messianic priorities are not what people think they are.
Matthew 20:29-34
Do you really know God? What you know of God will determine how you worship him.
Psalms 100
How can God be both truly just in judgment and full of mercy and forgiveness?
Psalms 99
What event inspired Isaac Watts' famous hymn Joy to the World?
Psalms 98
We know that we are supposed to worship God, but do we know the reasons why we should do this?
Psalms 96
What exactly does it mean that God is holy? And what effect does it have on our worship?
Failure to trust in God's sovereign care and provision is failure to worship.
Psalms 95
The grace that saves is the grace that sanctifies.
Titus 2:11-15
Paul’s apostleship and the purpose for writing this letter was for the sake of the elect in the areas of faith, knowledge, and godliness.
Titus 1:1-4
This life isn't all there is; and it's not even the best part. Trust in God who alone can ransom a soul from death.
Psalm 49
Is our identity founded in this world or in God’s city?
Psalm 87
Who may be God’s guest and enjoy his hospitality?
Psalms 15
Does our attitude in worship say that God needs us or that we need God?
Psalms 50
We can say that we trust God, but how do we show it? How does someone prove or reveal that they truly trust God in troublesome times?
Psalms 3
Praise God through fear (1-4), song (5-7), and submission (8-9).
Psalms 47
When the psalmist considers the wonder of God’s creation, he recognizes his privileged place in it and turns to God in humility and praise.
Psalms 8
Regardless of my present circumstances, my future hope in God can battle fear and despair today.
Fear and Faith
I can and must forgive because I have been forgiven.
Matthew 18:21-35
Who are the little ones and how are we treating them?
Matthew 18
Respond joyfully to trials and ask God for wisdom to endure them, for blessing comes when we endure by receiving and obeying his Word.
James 1:1-27
Being religious is more than thinking that you are.
Arcing—Assignment 9
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Three Voices of Psalm 19
How can anyone who recognizes his own depravity and sinfulness before a holy God expect to be declared innocent?
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Published August 12th, 2019
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Psalms 19:1-14
i The heavens declare the glory of God ,
All of heaven declares God's glory in creation
and the sky above 1 proclaims his handiwork.
and the skies tell of the work of his hands.
Day to day pours out speech ,
From out of each new day flows a speech in a language all of its own,
and night to night reveals knowledge .
And each new night reveals knowledge of the glory of God.
There is no speech ,
They are not in any human language,
nor are there words ,
nor are there any words to discern the message
whose voice is not heard .
and their voice is not even heard.
j Their k voice 1 goes out through all the earth,
YET their voice travels throughout the whole earth,
and their words to the end of the world.
and their message reaches the farthest corners of the world.
In them he has set a tent for l the sun ,
God has used them to pitch a tent over the sun
m which comes out
[The sun] which brightly and triumphantly rises upon the earth
like n a bridegroom leaving his chamber,
like a newly married man on his honeymoon
and, like a strong man,
and , like a champion taking a celebratory victory lap,
runs its course with joy.
it runs its course around the earth.
Its rising is from the end of the heavens ,
The sun rises from one end of the sky
and its circuit to the end of them ,
and travels to the other end.
and there is nothing hidden from its heat.
Nothing escapes its heat; it reaches/affects everything in its path.
o The law of the Lord is perfect , 1
The Law of the covenant God, his revealed will, namely the Pentateuch, is perfect , complete, and blameless;
p reviving the soul;
therefore, it restores and renews the soul.
q the testimony of the Lord is r sure ,
The covenant God's testimony /witness is trustworthy and faithful; (1 John 5:9)
s making wise t the simple;
therefore, it makes wise men out of those who have no wisdom.
u the precepts of the Lord are right ,
The precepts of the covenant God are right, straight and true;
rejoicing the heart;
therefore, they make the heart glad.
the commandment of the Lord is v pure ,
The covenant God's commands are purified, without blemish, unmixed with evil and radiant;
w enlightening the eyes;
therefore, they give light to the eyes.
the fear of the Lord is clean ,
The fear of the covenant God is clean in every way;
enduring forever;
therefore, it will last and remain for all eternity.
the rules 1 of the Lord are x true , and righteous altogether.
The rules and just decrees of the covenant God are true and every one of them righteous.
More to be desired are they than y gold, even much z fine gold;
They are the supreme treasure, more desirable than gold, even an abundance of the purest gold;
a sweeter also than honey and drippings of b the honeycomb.
They are the supreme pleasure, sweeter than honey, even honey dripping out of the honeycomb.
Moreover , by them is your servant warned ;
ALSO, they provide warning to the sinful men under your authority,
c in keeping them there is great reward.
and there is great reward for those who keep your Word.
d Who can discern his errors ?
No one can know and understand all his own sinful ways , especially those sins to which he is blind.
e Declare me innocent from f hidden faults .
YET I pray that you forgive and cleanse me of these secret, unnoticed, undiscerned faults and sins .
g Keep back your servant also from h presumptuous sins ;
AND ALSO, keep me, your servant, from committing deliberate, arrogant, and willful sins (sinning with high hand-Num 15:30-31)
let them not have i dominion over me!
Do not let them have rule over me or control me, for I am your servant not; I do not serve sin.
Then I shall be blameless, and innocent of great transgression .
And THEN I will be blameless and innocent of great sins against your law.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord , my j rock and my k redeemer .
SO, make my words and thoughts be pleasing to You, my covenant God. You are my refuge and my champion.
heavens declare a message of God's glory (1-2) > a message without words (3) > a message that travels across the world (4) > they are a tent for the sun (4c-5) (the sun described (5-6)
Id/Exp = (v7) reviving the soul is further explanation of law's perfection Ac/Res = (v7) reviving the soul is the effect of the law's perfection Inference = (v7) reviving the soul is logical outcome of law's perfection I am going with inference: "because it is X it does Y"
The message of revelation from the heavens
The message of the heavens in regard to the sun
God's Law
Man's response >confession >reflection >prayer
Lit. the "Torah" is "tameem"
how do the Scriptures' perfection restore the soul?
This God is El = the Creator God
Here, God is called YHWH
Prays concerning 1. hidden faults > forgiveness 2. presumptuous sins > keep me from 3. great transgression > so that I will be blameless from this
verse 4 cited in Rom 10:18
they both warn and reward
The revelation of God through His Creation and through His Word
Rom 1:19-20 Psalm 50:6
Big Idea: God reveals himself and will in 2 ways while man responds in praise and confession Intro : C.S. Lewis called Psalm 19 “the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world.” Peter Craigie, explains that it "combines the most beautiful poetry with some of the most profound of biblical theology.” In this psalm, David declares that God has revealed himself in two ways. As we consider this psalm, we can identify 3 voices. The first 2 voices reveal something of God’s revelation, and the 3rd voice responds to the revelation. 1. The Voice of the Heavens (1-6) The voice of the Heavens speaks a message of the glory of God (1-2) The paradox of the message is that the voice has no words, no language, and is not heard, yet it goes throughout the whole earth. (3-4) An example: the sun (5-6) This message removes any and all excuses for man not glorifying God (Rom 1:19-23) 2. The Voice of the Word (7-11) But God does not leave us only with the voice of nature/his creation; he has also added his own “voice” in his Word. This section now identifies the Creator God (El) as the Covenant God (YHWH) This section follows a formula of noun, adjective, verb. Nouns : What God’s words are Law : God’s revealed will; Torah Testimony : truth attested to by God; witness; God’s covenant declaration Precepts : statutes; speaks of the precision of God’s Word Commandments : speaks of the authority of Word Fear : speaks of human response to Word; respect, reverence Rules : judgments; just decrees Adjectives : What God’s words are like Perfect : blameless; complete Sure : trustworthy; faithful; confirmed; verified Right : straight and true; morally right and pure Pure : clear; radiant; without blemish; unmixed with evil Clean : clean in every way True and righteous : literally truth; dependable in every way Verbs : What God’s words do (I read this as an inference—because it is X then it does Y) B/c it’s perfect, it revives /refreshes/restores the soul ( Psa 23:3 ) B/c sure, it makes the simple become wise B/c it’s right, it makes the heart glad B/c it’s pure, it gives light to the eyes B/c it’s clean it endures forever Notice how God’s Word affects every part of us: soul, mind, heart, eyes God’s words are the supreme TREASURE – more desirable than gold ( 10 ) God’s words are the supreme PLEASURE – sweeter than honey (Psa 119:103) They warn and rewardthe servant who heeds the warning ( 11 ) 3. The Voice of the Sinner (12-14) David has received the voice of the heavens and heeded the warning of God’s Word Now he adds his own voice by responding with confession of sin, repentance, and prayer We are blind to the depth of our sinful nature YET, declare me innocent of hidden faults ( 12b ) Q : How can anyone who recognizes his own depravity and sinfulness before a holy God expected the be declared innocent by the Judge of the Earth?!? A: Because this holy Creator God is not only the Judge of all the Earth but the Covenant God of Israel. This God is the one who of his own will redeemed his people (Deut 7:6-8; 10:14-15; Titus 3:5-7) In addition to asking for cleansing for existing, hidden sin he prays for deliverance from potential, deliberate sin . ( 13a ) THEN I shall be blameless and innocent of great transgression David finishes by praying that his words and thoughts be like God’s. ( 14 )
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