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Practice always outweighs profession as a test of true faith
1 John 1:6
God has no fellowship with darkness
1 John 1:5
John's motivation - his joy, fulfilled through his audience's mutual participation in their fellowship with God and Christ
1 John 1:4
Severed fellowship restored through credible, first-hand prophetic and apostolic witness
1 John 1:3
The Word of Life manifested, witnessed, and proclaimed.
1 John 1:2
Diagramming through the book of 1 John
Diagramming Index for 1 John
The Word of Life fully revealed to the Apostles
1 John 1:1
God acted for His own glory, not for our glory. We benefit, because God wanted to put the riches of His grace on display.
Ephesians 2:1-10
Who is there that does good?
Romans 2:9-10
Wrath and indignation to those who persevere in obeying unrighteousness
Romans 2:8
Eternal life to those who persevere in doing good
Romans 2:7
The just and righteous Judge, rendering just and righteous judgment
Romans 2:6
Why we shouldn't skip the bad news
Romans 2:5
The sin of presuming on God's mercy and grace
Romans 2:4
No one can escape the judgment of God, and everyone stands guilty before Him
Romans 2:3
And we know these things!
Romans 2:2
Self-condemnation - judging others while practicing the same things
Romans 2:1
Paul's Critique of Jewish Presumption
Romans 2:1-5
Those who give hearty approval to sinners
Romans 1:32
The unregenerate Gentiles - inventors of evil
Romans 1:29-31
Train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it.
Romans 1:29-31
Romans 1:28-31 - Paul's list of "social ills" - haters of God
Romans 1:29-31
God's abandonment to a depraved mind.
Romans 1:28
God's judgment on man's rejection of His revealed truth
Romans 1:26
Paul thanks God for Timothy's sincere faith.
2 Timothy 1:3-5
God's grace, mercy, and peace to Paul's beloved son Timothy.
2 Timothy 1:1-2
"The underlying emphasis of the book of Romans is that salvation produces total transformation." ~ John MacArthur
Romans 7:4-5
"If a criminal dies, he is no longer subject to prosecution and punishment, no matter how numerous and heinous his crimes may have been."
Romans 7:1-3
"In chapter 7 Paul expounds the second truth in verse 6:14, that believers are now under grace." ~ John MacArthur
Romans 7:1-6
"Only the Son of God could have paid the cost of salvation. But He calls His followers to pay the cost of discipleship" ~ John MacArthur
Romans 6:23
"Without exception, every person who trusts in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is freed from sin and enslaved to God." ~ John MacArthur
Romans 6:20-22
"God delivers men from enslavement to sin for the sole purpose of their becoming enslaved to Him and to His righteousness." ~ John MacArthur
Romans 6:19
"After genuine salvation a person will have the innate, Spirit-led desire to know and to obey God's truth." ~ John MacArthur
Romans 6:17-18
"The unsaved person is not free to do good or evil as he chooses. He is bound and enslaved to sin, and the only thing he can do is sin."
Romans 6:16
"A life that gives no evidence of moral and spiritual transformation gives no evidence of salvation." ~ John MacArthur
Romans 6:15
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Romans 1:27
The men who suppress and reject God's revealed truth.
Published August 19th, 2020; Updated August 19th, 2020
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Romans 1:27
Romans 1:27 Study
Study - Romans 1:27
Romans 1:27 NASB
Romans 1:27
27 and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, a men with men committing 1 indecent acts and receiving in 2 their own persons the due penalty of their error.
Romans 1:27 Study
Romans 1:26-27
For this reason
God gave them over to degrading passions;
a) for their women exchanged [natural for unnatural]
the natural function (-)
for that which is unnatural, (+)
[S] and
in the same way also
the men abandoned the natural function of the woman (-)
b) and [the men] burned in their desire toward one another, (+)
men with men
committing indecent acts
and receiving ... the due penalty of their error.
in their own persons
Study - Romans 1:27
Paul puts men and women on equal grounds in terms of their suppression of God's revealed truth, and the error - the degrading passions and impurity - that comes as result. They both abandon what is clearly revealed as natural, and exchange it for what is equally clearly unnatural. He then makes it clear that the penalty they receive is "due" - the idea being that it is what they deserved. It is not clear what the penalty is that Paul has in mind here - is it the natural and earthly consequences that sin often brings? Is it God's act of Him giving them over to those lustful passions and immorality? Is it the eternal consequences that they will receive when they one day face Him on the day of judgment? Or is it all of those combined? Whichever one it is, it should inspire fear in us, for "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov 9:10). Important to point out, is that people often accuse God of injustice by sending people to hell for all eternity for the "little" or "trivial" sins that they do. The same is often said for homosexuality - "How can an all-loving God send me to hell for ever for just loving another person?" We see here an important principle to keep in mind when it comes to sin and God's judgment of it, and this principle is always at work : While the bible makes it clear that men (and women) will be judged according to their works (deeds) (Rom 2:5-6; Rev 20:11-15), they are ultimately judged according to their acceptance or rejection of Christ as revealed in the Gospel. They are judged on whether they worship God or idols. They sin (unrepented and continual sin) because they ultimately reject one or another non-negotiable truth as it is clearly revealed by God to them, so that they can comfortably continue in their sin instead of forsaking it. They sin, because they still have hearts of stone instead of hearts of flesh, because they do not have the Holy Spirit in them who causes them to walk according to Gods statutes or makes them careful to observe His ordinances (Ezek 36:25-27). They sin, because that is what is in their hearts (Matt 15:19). They sin, because they do not love Christ (John 14:15). They sin because they do not have His seed abiding in them, and they are children of the devil (1 John 3:4-10). And they will be judged according to these sins, but ultimately because of what CAUSES all these sins - an unreprented, unbelieving heart that loves themselves and their sin - idols. Not God. Talk is easy, and talk is cheap. Your verbal profession of Christ means nothing, if the character of your life doesn't back up what your mouth is saying. Remember what Paul said about certain men in Titus 1:16 - " They profess to know God, but by their DEEDS they DENY Him." Beloved, if my life is characterized by ongoing, planned, unconfessed and unrepented sin, this is true of me. It is not by obedience or good works that we RECEIVE justification and eternal life, but be sure that God NEVER only saves a person from the penalty of sin without also saving him from the power of sin. Let us examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith (2 Cor 13:5). 1 John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.
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