Arcing—Learning the Logic of the Bible
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An online, interactive course
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About this course
This course lays out the foundational concepts and structures necessary to begin using the Arcing Bible study method. Arcing has been well-tested and found to be an excellent tool for digging deep in God's Word. Join us in a study that will challenge you to think harder and dive way below the surface as we work through the first chapter of James together.
Andy Hubert
child of God / husband / father / creator of Biblearc / teacher / programmer
Michael Lane
Pastor, Glen Memorial Baptist Church, St. Ignace, MI
Brent Karding
Josué Pineda
hijo de Dios | esposo | padre | pastor y maestro | instructor y desarrollador de recursos @ Biblearc
Nate Davidson
Husband, Dad, and fourth year seminary student at Bethlehem College and Seminary.
An online, interactive course
Path courses are designed to lead you deeper in your study of Scripture through academic rigor and a heart of worship. We have laid out fifteen different courses along the entire spectrum of Bible study training so that there might be something for everyone—both new believers and veteran pastors, stay-at-home moms and missionaries. These courses are conveniently online with creative interactive components to help you persevere to the end within a fellowship that covers the globe. You may also take advantage of personal interaction with course instructors in a variety of ways. Finally, path courses are built so as to equip you in using Biblearc's extensive Bible study toolbox while you learn to discover biblical glories for yourself.
About the “putting it together” series
On the foundation of keen observation skills and biblical interpretation principles, this series puts the focus on the central study objective of our efforts—discerning what the text means. Included here are the preferred Bible study methods of some of the best Bible teachers of our day—methods that help us see how texts grammatically and logically connect, taught in a way so that any serious Christian can learn.
From former students
“I hope for everyone to grow in confidence, in understanding and interpreting the word-so that their life may be changed by it. This course will help do that!” —RebekahDool
“If you are struggling in reading the bible plainly without understanding, then I recommend Bible arc as a helpful tool for you to invest your time and money. It will make you grow as a Christian and it will amaze you through revelation of each verses. Indeed this tool is for those people who seek to know the scripture deeper. Very amazing tool!” —Lynly
“I've already graduated from seminary and have already taken a hermeneutics course, but in many regards, this course was far more helpful and practical in teaching me to understand and see the flow of thought coming from the Biblical author than my hermeneutics course was. I was always encouraged and pushed in my faith as I worked through the assignments.” —RogersD75
“This Biblearc course was a blessing in many ways. It is an excellent way to be encouraged by scripture as you learn how to study more effectively. It was a perfect fit into our homeschooling curriculum.” —Darjoy
“Digging for treasure is not easy but the right tools can make your efforts more effective. Arcing is one tool that makes the study of Gods word deeper and effective” —Darlene Yoder
“It will change the way you look at the Bible. The discovery will lead to worship.” —Wells
“I was introduced to Bible-arcing years ago when watching an interview by John Piper. Now having learned how to do it on my own and with other believers in my church, I feel I get to see, even if to a lesser degree [than John Piper], some of the majesties and treasures that God intended to show us from the beginning. It is a blessed thing to behold our God, and we should be trying to do this in any way and in every way possible - why wouldn't you want to add Bible-arcing as a means to further achieve this end? I can think of no reason.” —Stephen.Choy
“This course really was an enjoyable and educational experience. I learned not only how to arc a text of Scripture, but more importantly, I now have another very helpful and accessible tool in my arsenal to be able to see and savor God's Word in my devotional time and in my preparations for teaching.” —Ryan Hawkins
“Arcing has given me a deeper thirst for the Scriptures and helped me see how truly inexhaustible God's Word is.” —GarrettFelix
“A really great introduction to building the skills of thinking critically about how each proposition of the bible relates to surrounding ideas.” —BMatt
“This course has already proven to be an invaluable help to me in my study and meditation of Scripture. It's also so rewarding to arc through a passage and finish it with a deeper and longer lasting remembrance of it without even trying to "memorize" the passage. There is a deeper reality of intimacy when I take the time to arc and understand the flow of thought, and ultimately, what has been made known about my Savior.” —David Rojas
“Arcing is the most effective way I am aware of get at the meaning of a Bible passage by understanding the relationship of every thought of the text.” —rsyc
“The teaching for this course is clear, concise and concrete. Anyone who takes this course will definitely be blessed and learn a lot from it!” —Yong Yang
“Even when I'm not arcing, I instinctively trace the argument of each passage I read. This has been a massive help.” —Derek McLarty
“Bible arcing has given me confidence to study and understand scripture by myself (with the Holy Spirit's help of course!). I feel as though I have a new ability to unlock glorious mysteries that are hidden in God's word that I've never been able to see before. I am excited to do bible study now because I can confidently know what the author is trying to tell me and therefore what God is telling me. Highly recommend!” —Alexis Paramore
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Work load
All path courses are composed of ten lessons, with each lesson followed by an assignment. To serve people with different levels of availability and styles of learning, we provide three pace options upon enrollment. Courses can be taken in five weeks, ten weeks or twenty weeks, with a time commitment ranging from 1.5 hours / week to 6 hours / week. Choose whichever option works best for you.
Path courses all end with an evaluation to determine your grasp of the Bible study method and material covered. Students who pass the evaluation have their Biblearc account marked with a proficiency badge indicating their accomplishment. Successfully passing an evaluation requires a high degree of understanding and is meant to serve as a motivation to take your study seriously as well as a catalyst to improve the standard of Bible research in the Biblearc community. Each evaluation attempt requires an evaluation credit. Evaluation credits come with all paid path course enrollment types and also can be purchased individually for $5.
This course is available in the following languages: English, Español.
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